Always looking for the next project

With 5+ Years of experience with Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, film, and photography;
I've done graphic design, art direction, copywriting, and strategy for multi-million dollar government bids,
international marketing campaigns, food trucks, and everything in between.

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Frama CPH Website

FRAMA Website 2015

Web design, Front end development

FRAMA, the influential furniture design and curation company base in Copenhagen needed a new website and content management system to keep up with their growing collection and future sales needs.

Lightbox Film Project

Lightbox Film Project

Logo design, Web solution

Logo and a graphic profile for a skate film and book by film maker, Phil Evans presented by Levi's and Street Lab Skateshop in Malmö.


Coffee at BSBC

Writing, Directing, Editing

A short video I wrote and directed about taking the all right steps to make the best cup of coffee.

KFC Moviematic

KFC Moviematic

Visual communication, Web design

Working with Perfect Fools, we created a self contained movie making machine. Customers recorded 4 short actions which were edited into pre-filmed content and uploaded to YouTube. Customers received a print out with a code to see their video online and invite friends to vote for 5 days.


Over time your interests become your passions, and your passions
become dreams, and sometimes you dream about cartoon food

  • Idea Generation

    The most powerful question is "What if?"
    Nothing interesting would ever be done without a bit of curiosity.

  • Adobe Master

    Me and Illustrator go back. I'm talking way back. These days I'm hopping between Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere.

  • Hand Lettering

    I've always been interested in completely original type and script. Most evenings you'll find me filling up pages of notebooks practicing an outdated craft.

  • Getting out there

    Curiosity is a skill that needs to be strengthened everyday. Field trips and adventures keep it sharp.

Let's start something

I'm always up for a cup of coffee and a blank sheet of paper.