Always looking for the next project

With 5+ Years of experience with Adobe CC, HTML, CSS, film, and photography;
I've done graphic design, art direction, copywriting, and strategy for multi-million dollar government bids,
international marketing campaigns, food trucks, and everything in between.

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The Diamond Lights

The Diamond Lights

Web Design

Originally launched in 2009, The Diamond Lights collection by Eric Therner has been featured in design magazines and blogs all over the world. In 2015, the brand’s visual identify was updated and a campaign site was needed for the launch of two new colors and a new photographic style.

KFC Moviematic

KFC Moviematic

Visual communication, Web design

Working with Perfect Fools, we created a self contained movie making machine. Customers recorded 4 short actions which were edited into pre-filmed content and uploaded to YouTube. Customers received a print out with a code to see their video online and invite friends to vote for 5 days.

Frama CPH Website

FRAMA Website 2015

Web design, Front end development

FRAMA, the influential furniture design and curation company based in Copenhagen needed a new website and content management system to keep up with their growing collection and future sales needs.

21 v.s 30

21 v.s 30

Concept, Design, Development

My birthday this year prompted a look back on the last birthday milestone of 21 and reflect on how my outlook has changed over the years. To compare then and now, I made a brief interactive essay about my attitudes and perspectives.

Lightbox Film Project

Lightbox Film Project

Logo design, Web solution

Logo and a graphic profile for a skate film and book by film maker, Phil Evans presented by Levi's and Street Lab Skateshop in Malmö.


Over time your interests become your passions, and your passions
become dreams, and sometimes you dream about cartoon food

  • Idea Generation

    The most powerful question is "What if?"
    Nothing interesting would ever be done without a bit of curiosity.

  • Adobe Master

    Me and Illustrator go back. I'm talking way back. These days I'm hopping between Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, and Premiere.

  • Hand Lettering

    I've always been interested in completely original type and script. Most evenings you'll find me filling up pages of notebooks practicing an outdated craft.

  • Getting out there

    Curiosity is a skill that needs to be strengthened everyday. Field trips and adventures keep it sharp.

Let's start something

I'm always up for a cup of coffee and a blank sheet of paper.